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Your Financial Well-Being

“After my husband and I were laid off amidst a global pandemic we were very proud that we’d built and stuck to a long term financial plan many years ago enabling us to know that, while the world is going a little crazy, we didn’t have to worry about money.”


- Erin + Cam



Executive Financial Consultant

CFP | BComm

22 years of experience



Associate Consultant


11 years of experience


Maggie Daumler

Administrative Assistant

Video Updates with Andrew Fox

Why Us?

There’s nothing more rewarding than deciding for yourself how you want to live. But getting there takes more than just investing. It’s about making better financial decisions and ensuring you have a financial plan that evolves with your life. Our process goes deeper and broader than the approach most people have experienced with other financial advisors. We take the time to explore all the life goals, financial aspirations and concerns you have for yourself and for your family, and then follow up with a comprehensive analysis of your overall financial well-being.

Want to be more prepared?


Are you on your way to achieving true financial well-being? Find out by using our IG Living Plan Snapshot tool. You’ll answer a series of questions based on five dimensions of financial well-being and then receive a result out of 100 and recommendations on how best to meet your goals. Use these insights to create a comprehensive financial plan that evolves and adapts with your life.

Forecast your income in retirement

One of the benefits of having an IG Living Plan is the insight you get into how you are tracking towards your goals for retirement. You’ll work with us to optimize your financial plan – going beyond RRSPs to consider your entire financial life, to forecast your monthly income in retirement. Knowing where you stand will give you the confidence to embrace all of life’s possibilities - today and for the future.

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